April 10, 2006

VCC - Q1 2006: My Dhaba's announcement of prize money

The deadline for the submission of entries to My Dhaba's virtual cooking competition - Q1 2006 is April 10, 2006. The time has come so near. Folks - the deadline for the submission of the entries is tomorrow. Virtual cooking competition guidelines are here.

We are very pleased today to announce the prize for winner(s) of My Dhaba's quarterly culinary competition as promised before. For this quarter Q1 2006, the prize money is Two Hundred and Fifty US Dollars, which will be sent to the first place winner of the competition within ten working days of the prize announcement date.

We welcome you, your friends, dear and near ones, etc., to participate in VCC-Q1 2006. Nominate your favorite appetizer recipe! Don’t Miss It!