April 11, 2006

VCC Q1 2006: Voting begins today

Now it is time to determine the first place winner of My Dhaba's Virtual Cooking Competition (VCC) Q1 2006.

Who do you think is the winner of VCC Q1 2006? My Dhaba team is hereby asking its readers and supporters to vote for their choice in determining the first place winner of the one-and-only virtual culinary competition. For this quarter Q1 2006, the VCC prize money is Two Hundred and Fifty US Dollars (250 USD), which will be sent to the first place winner of the competition within ten working days of the prize announcement date.

Public opinion poll: How to vote?
Cast your vote only once in favor of only one entry by mentioning the VCC entry code via feedback/comment option of this blog post. Any other text in the feedback is optional. Comment moderation has been enabled. Nonbloggers/Anonymous votes - we need your name and email address mentioned with your valuable votes for further reconfirmation of your vote; this is to avoid cheating. The VCC entrants are allowed to cast their votes for other participants. Last date to vote is April 20, 2006; 12 midnight EST.

My Dhaba's Virtual Cooking Competition (VCC) Q1 2006
Theme - Appetizers (Any cuisine)

Here is the complete list of participating entries with their VCC entry codes that link directly to its recipe details on a click. We received the recipes for entries VCC05, 29, 33, and 40 via emails; those are posted separately at My Dhaba and also at My Dhaba's google group.

Asparagus Bruschetta with Goats Cheese by Vaishali Beet Chops by Sury Bruschetta Al Pomodoro by Haalo - Entry I

Chapathi Chips and Spinach Chutney by Luv2cook Entry III Chicken Lollypop by Mohammed Hussein Crunchy taco shells by Vineela
Desi Style Paninis by Luv2Cook Entry II Egg Delight by Priya Entry I Fabulous Fakes - Samosas by Saffron Hut - Entry II
Fattoush by Haalo - Entry III Focaccia and zaatar flatbread by Marcela Green Peas Samosas by Priya Entry II
Hariyali Tikki by Priya Balabhaskaran Herbed Crepe with Smoked Salmon and Radishes by Zoubida Italian Oven Vegetables by Meeta
Linguine with a sage burnt butter sauce and sautéed Sweet Potato by Haalo - Entry II Liver Fry by Anthony Mango Kesari Baath by Lera
Masala Wada by Tanuja Mexican Indian Chaat by Saffron Hut - Entry I Mirchi Bajjis and Spicy Puffed Rice by Santhi
Onion Masala Pakoda by Sumi - Entry II Onion Samosa by Priya Karthik Entry II Paneer Kabobs by Veggie - Entry I
Paneer Kababs by Sailu Entry I Persimmon Pudding by R Kebabs by Santhi
Pineapple Rasam by Ramya Entry III Pineapple-Ginger Ceviche of Scallops on Vermecelli with Coriander & Mint by Xianhang Zhang Pomfret - Charcoal Grilled by Sailu Entry II
Popcorn Shrimps by RP Entry II Pumpkin Soup by Menu Today - Entry I Rum & Pepper Painted Halibut by Darren Mitchell

Spinach Soup with Coconut milk and Chicken - Martian Soup by Meeta Entry II Stuffed Mushrooms by Sumi - Entry I Sweet Burger and Fries by Indira  Entry I

Thair Vadai aka Lentil donuts in yogurt by Karthi Kannan Tomato rasam by Ramya Entry II Vegetable Frittata by RP
Vegetable spring roll by Mohammed Hussain Asian Spring Rolls with Indian Mint Chutney by BDSN

Every vote counts. Your input is valued and needed which will certainly make a difference in the result of this competition. We will leave it up to you... just make sure the right winner of this competition benefits from your decision.



Blogger RP said...

Wow!! What a spectacular display of appetizers!!!
It is really tough to vote for one. Will try to do before the time runs out. Cheers.

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Folks - We have already started receiving large number of votes. Few things for now,

- Comment moderation has been enabled. The voter's privacy and anonymity shall be preserved.
- Cast your vote for only one entry. We have observed a few entries with multiple votes.
- Nonbloggers/Anonymous voters: We need your name and email address mentioned with your valuable votes. This is for further reconfirmation of your vote.

More later.

Blogger Sury said...

Hi, VKN. This is just to inform you that when you click on certain images posted here, you are taken to a private Flickr page, which doesn't show the magnified image. The first few entries are like that. Can something be done to rectify that? Thanks.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello VKN,

I was trying to read some of the entries, didn't know that you have attached the code to bloggers post at VCC entry code.

I think it would be more helpful, if you'd attach the code on the photo also, so when people click on the photo, instead of going to flickr, they can go to the bloggers entry page, read about it, see the photo also and vote.

You are doing great job hosting!

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Thank you Indira. We have now highlighted about the VCC entry codes that link directly to its recipe details. Hope that helps.

Sam - this was done per your suggestion.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This veg recipe is yummy!!!


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