October 27, 2006

Roasted onion chutney

It is breakfast time here. We prepared plain raw rice dosais with roasted onion chutney today. This one is a slight variant of the previosly posted onion chutney. It would be nice if you would let me know which chutney would you choose.
Roasted onions

Roasted onion chutney recipe

Onions – 1, medium-size
Coconut – scrapings of a quarter of a large coconut
Dried red chillies – 5
Salt – ¾ teaspoon
Tamarind extract – 1 tablespoon or adjusted to taste
Ghee – 2 teaspoons

Method: Roast the onions in very hot ashes or grilled. Remove the outer burnt skins. Make the ghee very hot and fry the dried red chillies in it till crisp. Combine the roasted onions, fried red chillies, salt, coconut scrapings, and tamarind and grind it to a rough paste. This chutney is excellent with dosais, idlis, vegetable pilav, etc. Enjoy!


Blogger Padmaja said...

woh!!! that looks amazing!!
will try this weekend.
Thank you for adding me

Blogger author said...

what si raw rice dosai? whats the recipe?

Blogger FH said...

My mouth watering just by looking at the chutney,VKN! Thank you...

Blogger Vani said...

The chutney looks good! What is raw rice dosa? Is it made without urad dal?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Vkn,using,the roasted onions are something new & a healthy way to have onions .I am sure it would taste great with dosa's.Thanks !

Anonymous Anonymous said...

vkn, this is a great recipe! I love it already! Will let you know how it turns out when I make it. Thanks!

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Thanks everyone! I will make a separate post on the mentioned raw-rice dosa this week. Do stay in touch!


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