December 5, 2006

Feed a Hungry Child campaign - group book project!

This project brief of the group book project for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign is kindly prepared by Dilip Bhatt of Garam Masala from London, UK. Dilip is currently working in the UK as a management consultant. He is also very passionate about cooking and Indian food. Dilip has volunteered to help with the campaign by putting on his cap as a virtual 'Project Manager' and to have a professional project management approach.

We proudly announce to you today that Dilip will function as a virtual Project Manager of the Feed a Hungry Child campaign's group book project and will coordinate all the project activities working with all of us. Kindly extend your fullest support to Dilip in carrying out his good intentions.

Here is the initial project brief Dilip has prepared. Sharing it with you.

1. Introduction

The group book project's aim is to produce a recipe book which is not only full of comfort food recipes but also full of memories – a perfect gift to all food lovers. Food lovers are asked to submit any of the endangered recipes cooked at home which are in danger of extinction, homely favourites, or recipes that are truly traditional, historical, ethnic, or classic in nature. Most of the traditional recipes are passed on and handed down to us by our elderly people at home. Traditional way of cooking is done by using just basic ingredients which are always ready to hand. Purpose of the project is to gather all those recipes that are used for at least a generation or two and preserve those in our ‘You Can Cook” book. There is a possibility of producing one big book with multi-cuisine recipes in it. Another opportunity is to produce different books niching on different unique and best cuisines of the world. This will be decided solely based on the varieties of recipe contributions received at VCC Q4 2006.

2. Benefits

- to help some of the most needy orphanages/schools/charities that take care of poor, destitute, and underprivileged children.
- to provide assistance with the feeding needs of the identified children one-on-one and to continue assisting them when they need it most.
- encourage, collaborate, and work with partnering individuals and organizations to join the fight against global poverty through FAHC campaign that draws on all of your kind support.

3. Book title

The name we suggest for the initial publication is…

You Can Cook
- authentic traditional home cooking recipes -

“You Can Cook” book series will be simple cookbooks written by a group of seasoned chefs, homemakers, food bloggers, restaurateurs, and web site owners which will offer practical hands-on cooking advices to anyone who cooks traditional dishes at home, whether just thinking of starting to learn cooking at home or at cooking classes, new homemakers, or professional chefs. We sincerely hope that these books are of some use, fun to read, and a perfect gift to all food lovers and culinary students.

4. Content contribution
An open invitation to all of you, the food lovers and friends – you can help feed a hungry child by participating and collaborating at Feed a Hungry Child campaign. All we need from you for now is your generous contributions of your favourite original home cooking recipes and pictures endorsed to the group book project.

5. Marketing

These contributions will be followed up with a landmark publishing and fundraising sales of the cookbooks. We will look forward to your contributions.

6. Basic outline/contents/categories
- homemade spice powders, basic things needed at home
- appetizers/soups/stews/sauces
- breakfast preparations
- rice preparations
- main entrée, vegetarian dishes, pulses and lentils
- main entrée, non-vegetarian (eggs/poultry/lamb/beef/pork)
- side dishes, snacks
- desserts, sweets, beverages
- pickles, jams, preserves, cakes, cookies
- and all other dishes which could appear at ‘You Can Cook’ book

7. Funding

It is intended to raise the funds for Feed a Hungry Child campaign with this ‘group book Project’. The contents of the books will remain free to read at the pages of My Dhaba, participating food blogs, and web sites for online use. The hard copies will go in for a sale. The Feed a Hungry Child campaign will benefit from 100% of the author royalties.

8. Project Management & Resources

It is anticipated that we will adopt a project management structure to run this campaign.

In terms of resources, we need these to be identified in details, however, as it is going to be a collaborative effort by global food lovers, we need volunteers who can help us with tips on book-design, formats and layout, proof-reading, editing, publishing, marketing, sales of books, etc.

We will update this brief as we move along with the project. Please do bookmark this page. Also, if you would like to be notified each time a new post is added to My Dhaba, join our google group.

VCC: VCC Q4-2006: FAHC: FAHC-campaign


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