January 25, 2006

My Dhaba's Halwa Week: Day #1 - Gajar ka halwa aka carrot halwa aka carrot pudding

We hope that you had enjoyed My Dhaba's curry week initiated during last month when we had posted 7 curry recipes in a week's time. It is long time cooking any sweets at My Dhaba. Taking inspiration from the curry week, we at My Dhaba have decided to consider this week as My Dhaba's Halwa Week. We have begun our journey through Indian halwas today with gajar ka halwa aka carrot halwa aka carrot pudding. As with any journey we are more likely to enjoy ourselves if we know where we want to go and how we are going. We have already received a few recipe requests and exotic recipe details via mails and via our feedback messages.

You too can participate in this great fun! How?

1. Just send us your halwa recipe and we are going cook that for you - subject to approval by My Dhaba team.

2. Request for any of your favorite halwa recipes that you may like to get it featured. We will try to include those.

3. If you are an food blogger, we welcome you and request you to please cook and post about any of your favorite halwas during this week and just message or email us the link. We will show it off by displaying it along with our halwa recipe of the day.

Isn't that simple? What do you think?

Here is the recipe details for gajar ka halwa aka carrot halwa aka carrot pudding for today. Hope you like it.

Gajar ka halwa aka carrot halwa recipe

Carrots - 1/2 kg, cleaned, scrubbed, and grated to shreds
Sugar - 1 cup
Boiled milk - 2 cups
Almonds - 15, blanched and ground to a smooth paste
Cashew nuts - 15, ground to a smooth paste along with almonds
Ground nuts - 10, blanched and halved (optional)
Raisins - 2 tablespoon
Ghee or butter - 2 tablespoons (preferably Indian ghee)
Dried ginger powder - 3/4 teaspoon
Salt - 1/8 teaspoon

Method: Make the ghee very hot in a heavy-bottomed vessel or in a nonstick wide-bottomed pan and add the carrot shreds and salt. Fry the carrot shreds well in the ghee and pour in the milk. When the milk is all absorbed, add the sugar, and almond-cashew nuts paste. Stir well till it thickens. Add the dried ginger powder and remove from the heat immediately. Serve hot.

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Blogger RP said...

I made carrot halwa last week. Recipe was almost same as yours except that I added a beetroot along with the carrots and a few spoonfuls of condensed milk. Ginger powder is your secret ingredient? I didn't have that in my recipe. What difference does it make? Your halwa looks so good and shiny. http://myworksh0p.blogspot.com/2006/01/gajar-halwa.html

Blogger RP said...

Forgot to add, I have cardamom powder in my recipe. I am surprised to see that you didn't add any cardamom.

Blogger Anthony said...

damn nice. i also made it last week.. and turned out excellent. i made it simpler though. but i will try out this too.. i like the frying in ghee part. I added desi ghee later. Will raw ginger do?

Blogger Melissa CookingDiva said...

I love the color! Your halva definitely looks delicious...The halva week is a great idea------Hugs,

Blogger shajith said...

Hi RP,

Dried Ginger Powder has medicinal effects and it used in all South Indian Sweet puddings.

Dry ginger eliminates phlegm, gives relief from stomachache and cures broken voice due to sore throat. It cleans the colon, reduces spams and cramps and stimulates circulation. It is used to treat colitis, nausea, gas, indigestion, bowel disorders, morning sickness, motion sickness,vomiting, congestion, fever and headaches. It is strong antioxidant and effective microbial agent for sores and wounds.

Other Uses - courtesy: www.urday.com

Dry ginger is mainly used as spice in the preperation of vegetables or called to increase the flavour of the tea.

If dry ginger is crushed in water and given to children suffering from loose motion after maixing some honey into it they get relief from loose motions and pains in the stomach.

A mixture made of dry ginger, cassia leaves and sugar cures cold.

If a solution of dry ginger is taken daily it increases the radiance, gives nourishment to the body.

If three grams of dry ginger crushed in goats milk is given to a pregnant woman, it cures her unstable and uneven fever.

Dry ginger paste mixed with turmeric powder and raw sugar, cures the emanation of uncontrolled semen and also emination through urine.

One or two drops of ginger rubbed in water or milk in the nose, cures hemicrania.

Eating the mixture of carrot, dry ginger and cumin seeds is beneficial to the patient suffering from sprue.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

my version is boil 1 cup of milk and add 1/2 k of carrots in it and let it simmer well for atleast 45 min, till no milk is left, then add sugar and mix it well. finally add ghee and fry the mixture well till gheee seperates, along with alomnds etc. it always come out very tasty thats how we prepare at home!!!

vkn ur site is absolutely awsome very nicely presented than any other site i came across on net and i highly recommended to others at Food Forums.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tried your recipe for gajhar ka halwa, and it was really good and very tasty.thank you. like to try more of your recipes.Kind Regards.

Blogger Krish said...

simply brilliant. Followed exactly as suggested. However I have used less sugar. Simply awesome. Thanks a ton.

Blogger Krish said...

Well last time it was so good that I had cooked it again. However I have modified a little this time. There was some extra cream in the fridge and I added that. It gives a more creamy taste. Some may like it some may not. And as for sugar, I now have cut it down to half. I also have chopped the raisin and then added it in the mix.

Anonymous Karuna said...

My favorite dessert. Its looking yum !


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