March 26, 2006

Call for entries: Virtual Cooking Competition - Q1 2006

Here is a second call for your entries to My Dhaba's virtual cooking competition - Q1 2006.

Please note that we have made few changes to the general rules, procedures, and dates based on the requests from our guests. Details and guidelines are here.

In brief,

Virtual Cooking Competition (VCC) - Q1 2006

Theme - Appetizers (any cuisine)
Deadline for entries - April 10, 2006
Public opinion poll - April 11-April 20, 2006
Results - April 21, 2006
Prizes, gifts, and sponsors are to be announced.

We welcome you to participate in VCC-Q1 2006. Nominate your favorite appetizer recipe! Don’t Miss It!

For more information or to get help in nominating a recipe, feel free to contact us via blog comments or by e-mailing to



Blogger Kay said...

VKN, I have to give it a pass this time, because we are so caught up with our move to Toronto. I'll participate in the next competition.

I'm :( to miss out on all the fun, in this competition!


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