March 25, 2006

Can you guess what this is? CYGWTI #2

We hope that this answer post to CYGWTI #2 is sure to bring plenty of laughter to all of you out there, especially to those participated and attempted guessing at this game. Thank you for participating. Hope you had great fun.

It was real tough - we now know.

Here are the guesses received so far - coffee (2), tea, caramel custard (2), chocolate foam with coffee drink, egg omelet (2), mushroom, steamed egg with soy sauce and some sesame or shallot oil, honeypot, ragi dosa on middle of cooking, roti cooked on tandoor, naan or a similar type of bread - a bit burned, omelette with cheese (2), some sort of bread; slightly burnt naan, roti, or chappathi (2); creme brule, residue in the pan while making ghee, kamarkat, crème brule with burnt sugar topping, pancake slightly burned, coke over cream, appalam left in the microwave for too long, and the last one - tender coconut.

It happened wierd at my kitchen that day. In brief, I was trying to make my usual special masala tea after a tiring day at work... kept one cup of milk and a cup of water in two burners of the stove... sat for a while with Adarsh, my eldest son with his computer... got involved in some fun activity with him. I really felt like a bull in a china shop when I had returned to kitchen after 5 minutes. These pictures will tell you the remaining part of the story :-)

And... the correct answer is milk, boiled over and burnt? Excellent Reshma! Congratulations! How did you get this one so accurate - any previous real life experience? :-)



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Phew!! Nothing gourmet but just boiled over burnt milk !!!!!!!
Wow, u did make our mouth water with delicious guesses !!!
I had great fun though.


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