December 1, 2006

VCC 111 - Chicken Pakoras

Chicken Pakoras by Sudarsana Biswas-1

This recipe is kindly contributed by Sudharsana Biswas to the group book project "You can Cook for Feed a Hungry Child campaign" in an e-mail to us.

In Sudarsana's own words, "I am not a food blogger but a regular visitor of different food blogs. I came across this cook book idea from your blog and just wanted to put forth my combo meal entry for the cook book. This is a fun and on the go recipe that my husband and myself thought of making. We just gathered our ideas and came up with this wonderful and simple to make meal. Would really appreciate if you include this in your recipe book.'

Chicken Pakoras recipe
Preparation time - 15 minutes

1. One pound chicken breast withbones.
2. Soy sauce half a cup
3. Vinegar 2 tbsp
4. Freshly ground blackpepper 2tsp
5. Sodium bicarbonate 1 pinch
6. Corn starch ½ cup
7. All purpose flour ½ cup
8. Egg 1
9. Cut up green onion 1tbsp
10.Cut up green chilies 1 tsp
11. Salt to taste
12. Oil for deep-frying

1. Cut the chicken breast into small bite size pieces and marinate them in Soy sauce, vinegar, pepper powder and salt mixture and keep aside for half an hour minimum.
2. Prepare a batter with the corn flour, all purpose flour, sodium bicarbonate, cut up green chilies, egg and a little water to bring the batter to a semi-liquid thick consistency.
3. Now put some oil in a pan (so much that the batter-coated chicken can take a full dip) and bring to a boil and then lower the heat.
4. Dip the pieces of previously marinated chicken in the batter and fry them on medium heat till golden brown.
5. Take the Pakoras out from the oil and soak the excess oil from the Pakoras on a kitchen towel. Garnish them with cut up green onion.

[vkn] Folks - this is the first entry to the group book project - 'You Can Cook for Feed a Hungry Child Campaign'. Sharing it with you. We certainly need a few taste testers to try out these recipe contributions so we can finally decide what goes in the book - 'You Can Cook'. Any volunteers?

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Anonymous Snehal said...

These sound great ... I love pakoras, wonder why I never tried making meat-pakoras like this one :)

Anonymous sudarsana said...

I have taken some photographs of the chicken pakoras and the soysauce vegetable shrimp. I will upload them and send you to post it alond with the recipes.

Anonymous slow cooker features said...

Thanks for such a nice recipe.I'll make it soon.
But i have a one question,Are Chicken breast pieces cook properly? When we frying marinated chicken with batter.
I think that 10-15 minutes time are not sufficient to cook properly.
If we boil Chicken breast pieces first,with Soy sauce, vinegar, pepper powder and salt mixture for 10-15 minutes.And then we start to make pakoras.
Sorry for such argument,This from my opinion.

Anonymous What is love? said...

Chicken pakora! Ummmmm..........
I like it very much.
Thanks for sharing Such interesting recipe.

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