January 4, 2007

VCC 175 - Adadiya

Here is a classic Gujarati (Kathiawadi) dish recipe especially for the winter months made by a family friend of Trupti to the group book project project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child'.

In Trupti's own words, "I wanted to start off this new year's post with a sweet called Adadiyas. These are quintessential in a Kathiawadi household during the chilly winter months. Supposedly, these little mountains of goodness increase the heat in the body,and are very healthy- despite the amount of ghee that goes into it. When I was growing up in Rajkot, these were made by my mom and grandmother in the winter months to keep us kids warm! These delicious adadiyas were made by a family friend, Jayshree aunty who sends us these treats every winter without fail."

The recipe details of Adadiyas are here.

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