January 4, 2007

VCC 179 - Tandoori Vegetables

Here is another tandoori vegetables coming on our way kindly contributed by Rooma to the group book project project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child'.

In Rooma's own words, "Tandoor as we know is a cylindrical clay oven used in the northern regions of India in which food is cooked over a hot charcoal fire. Its difficult to think of having a tandoor in the urban living but you will be surprised to see this guy having one in his backyard!!! And this guy over here tells you how to build your own tandoor !!!! Quite commendable isn’t it???!!! Do any of you have clay tandoors in your backyard??? Well I don’t !!! (unless you consider BBQ pits in my condo as tandoor, but then not much difference between the two right???) but I made use of my convection oven to make these tandoori vegetables."

The recipe details of tandoori vegetables are here.

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