January 15, 2007

VCC 201 - Coconut Paratha

Here is a another very traditional Konkani food recipe kindly contributed by Seema to the group book project project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child'.

In Seema's own words, "Here is a very unique recipe from my MIL - I call it Coconut Paratha which tastes so much like "biscuit rotti". I am sure that most of the us from South India are familiar with the taste of biscuit rottis. There is a small goodangadi (shop) in Coorg that makes amazing biscuit rottis and every time we used to go from M'lore to B'lore it would be a sure stop there. Altho' they were deep fried and made of maida it used to taste so yummy that would definitely be on the menu for meals. You guys should surely try this out - it tastes amazingly good, very similar to the goodangadi biscuit rottis; but surely is a healthier version of biscuit rotti ."

The recipe details of coconut paratha are here.

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Blogger Seema said...

VKN, Just a small konkani recipe. This is an authentic Havyak recipe.


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