January 19, 2007

VCC 218 - Chalimidi

This very traditional dish recipe is kindly contributed by Pavani to the group book project project 'You Can Cook for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign.

In Pavani's own words, "it is a very traditional dish called Chalimidi (in telugu) made with Rice and jaggery. It is usually given to Mom's-to-be for baby showers. It is supposed to act as a coolant for the would-be mother. It is a tradition in my Mom's family to give chalimidi to married daughters when they are going back to their homes."

Endorsement statement: "By participating in My Dhaba's group book project 'You Can Cook for FAHC Campaign', the food lovers and food bloggers are creating new ways to motivate individuals and organizations across the world to expand their mission and join the fight against global poverty. I am pleased to support this effort and urge all food lovers to contribute. May God bless everyone who make a contribtution in this group book project."

The recipe details of chalimidi are here.

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