February 16, 2007

Aditya and his love for lollipops!

This 2-year-old guy likes to dunk into these delicious lollipops very much... a piece of hard candy fixed to the end of a small stick which is primarily made of sugar, water, corn syrup, and flavorings.

I am quite concerned about the artificial flavorings used and the chemical intakes. Has anyone tried making a traditional lollipop candy at home with natural flavorings for your kids? I am curious to know. Cheers!


Anonymous Vani said...

Awww! Look at that beautiful, happy smile on Aditya's face!
How's the littlest A doing these days? Keeping you guys awake at nights? :)

Anonymous Linda said...

Hi VKN, your son is adorable :)
In New England we have old-fashioned pops made of barley candy -- pearl barley, washed and boiled with sugar, water, and a bit of cream of tartar. My kids still love these. There are also the old-fashioned butterscotch and molasses candies -- I'm not really a candy-maker but I'm sure they could all be done at home. If you'd like me to dig around for a recipe or two, I'm happy to -- just let me know.

Best wishes from Massachusetts!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

VKN - Back home in India, we used to grind tamarind, red chilli, dry ginger, jaggery, jeera seeds in a stone mortar. When all the ingredients are well ground, they reach a semi-dry pulpy state. It is then made into balls and small sticks were pushed into it. This we used to call "chukku manam".


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