March 23, 2007

Heads up!

This is 4-month-17-day-old Advait holding his heads up without bobbing and began making his first crawls.

Folks - let me also give you a heads up on our 4-month-old Feed a Hungry Child campaign that we had embarked with your enormous support.

Stuff that mattered so far,

1. A brilliant project team - Dilip/Rushina/Chandrika/Rinku/Kala/Megha/Sonu/Anita/Jennifer and we are growing. E-mail contact details of the team members are here.

2. You Can Cook group cookbook project - gathered 380+ recipes, out of which 365 traditional/heirloom recipes will be chosen to be included in the book.

3. Dilip is spearheading the campaign doing a marvelous job and coordinating the virtual team members as a project manager.

4. Rushina is now taking care of the content development aspect of the gathered recipes as an SME (subject matter expert) along with Chandrika/Kala/Anita doing collation of recipes/proofreading/editing/standardization/formats/taste-testing/photo-shoots, etc.

5. Chandrika is the SME book publication and web content development working along with her team Sonu and Megha; website is now under construction. The starter page is here -

6. Rinku is the SME fundraising - now working on fund collection, management, and distribution strategies. A trust is being formed as legal at Palakkad, Kerala (my native place). The actual campaign will kickstart by sponsoring the feeding of 10 children daily who will be chosen for a year with effective from April 17, 2007, (mom's day). We are all eagerly looking forward to this event.

7. Megha's creation has now been chosen as the official logo. Hope you like the smiling effect? See the logo below.

8. Jennifer intends to take care of the marketing and sales aspects of the campaign.

HELP NEEDED - We are on a look out for a few more volunteers to taste-test the group cookbook project recipes, shoot photos, and to report their finds using a questionnaire. Please do let us know if you are interested to take on taste-testing of a few chosen recipes.

More later. new official logo

VCC: VCC Q4-2006: FAHC: FAHC-campaign



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Good Luck on ur trip ...I love the logo


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