March 9, 2007

VCC 338 - Karadayan Knownbu Adai

This traditional dish recipe is kindly contributed by Lalitha Krishnan to the group cookbook project 'You Can Cook' for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign.

In Lalithas own words, "this is a very traditional recipe prepared for Karadayan Knownbu, on the day of conjugation of Tamil months Masi and Panguni. On this day, women pray for the welfare and the longevity of their husbands."

Karadayan Knownbu Adai Recipe

1 cup rice flour (Lightly roasted)
1 cup jaggery
3 cups water
2 table spoons Bengal gram (soaked in water for 2-3 hours)
1 table spoon Ghee
Butter – to be served with the adai after preparation

Method: Dissolve the jaggery in water and strain. In a pan add 1 table spoon ghee and heat. Pour jaggery water and bring it to a boil. Add rice flour and Bengal gram and cook on slow fire till the water is absorbed.

Divide the mixture into small balls. Take each ball and place it on the cut banana leaves. Flatten them evenly to half inch thickness with a hole in the centre. Steam cook for about 10 minutes and serve hot with little butter on top.

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