March 12, 2007

VCC 343 - Maharashtrian Paparia

This very traditional Maharashtrian family dish recipe is kindly contributed by Anita to the group cookbook project 'You Can Cook' for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign.

In Anita's own words, "Have been meaning to contribute a recipe for the longest time.. First, I wanted to make something specially for the occasion...but the recipe I had in mind relies on a spice-mix that is not so easily available everywhere. It is the Kashmiri 'wer' masala...

Then, I saw that I have a few recipes on my blog which are very unique - with not many other variations presented on the web. In fact, my recipe for Paparia is the only one on the web! The others that showed up in my search all referenced the recipe I blogged around Divali and contributed to the VCC!

I made the Paparia this Divali for the first time. My MIL passed on 2 years ago and we were celebrating our first Divali without her (not having celebrated the previous one). I wanted to do it just like she did, and so got the 'family' recipe from her sister. These turned out great and the recipe has actually been tested successfully in a couple of other blog kitchens!

So here is my contribution from my traditions, the Kashmiri Modur Polav from my inheritance by birth, and the Maharashtrian Paparia from my heritage by marriage!"

The recipe details of Maharashtrian paparia are here.

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