March 23, 2007

VCC 355 - Mahchh (Lamb mince kofta curry)

Here is another Kashmiri lamb dish recipe kindly contributed by Nancy Raina to the group cookbook project 'You Can Cook' for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign.

Mahchh recipe (Lamb mince kofta curry)


For kofta
1 Minced meat (not fine, a little granular) --------500gram(1 lbs)
2 Vegtable oil----------------------------------1 table s

1 Kashmiri red chilly powder---------------------------1 table spoon
2 Fennel powder------------------------------------------------1 tablespoon
3 Dry ginger powder------------------------------------------ ½ tea spoon
4 Coriander powder-----------------------------------------1/2 tablespoon
5 Garam masala----------------------------------------------1 tablespoons
6 Black cardamom (coarsely crushed)---------2 tspoons
7 Black cumin seeds----------------------------2 teaspoons
8 Salt------------------------1 teaspoon
9 Egg---------------------1

Mix these spieces with mince meat along with oil and egg; leave it for half an hour.

For gravy:
1 Bay leaves------------------------------------ 3 nos
2 Cinnamon -------------------------------------3 pieces 2"size
3 Aesfoetida-------------------------------------small pinch
4 Cloves (crushed)---------------------------3nos
Salt to taste

1 Kashmiri chillipowder---------------2 table spoons
2 Aniseed powder---------------------------2 table spoons
3 Corriander powder----------------------1 table spoon
4 Cummin powder----------------------------1/2 table spoon
5 Dry ginger------------------------------------1/2 tea spoon
6 Garam masala-----------------------------1 table spoon
7 Water--------------------------------------1 glass
8 Vegetable oil----------------------------1/2 cup
9 Salt to taste

1 Take mince meat rub in spices nicely.
2 Smear little oil to your hand, take a lemon size ball of mince, and shape into elongated rolls of this shape.
3 Take oil in non stick-pan and fry all the koftas till light brown and keep aside.
4 Remove excess oil and add seasoning to it. Fry for two minutes.
5 Add all the spieces ( except garam masala) water and salt.
6 Put all the fried koftas and boil it till cooked. If necessary pressurize it for 5 minutes.
7 Add garam masala and serve hot with rice or nanbread or parontha.

End product should be dark brown koftas in thick red garvy.

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