March 23, 2007

VCC 357 - Naaduirh Churamh

Here is another traditional Kashmiri dish recipe kindly contributed by Nancy Raina to the group cookbook project 'You Can Cook' for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign.

Naaduirh churamh (lotus roots fry) recipe

1. Lotus root ---------------1/2 kilogram. (Select pieces with closed ends and less mud)
2. Vegetable oil-----------------------1/2 liter
3. Kashmiri chilli powder--------------2 teaspoon
4. Salt to taste.

Method: Peel off the thin outer layer of lotus roots with peeler and cut into 2" long pieces. If there is mud soak it in luke warm water and clean each piece with a tooth pick or knitting needle inside each hole. Cut it again longitudinally into four pieces, clean well, wash, and drip dry. Take oil in a kadai or wok. Heat oil and put a handful at atime to fry. Deep fry till dark brown and crisp. Take out in a strainer to drain out oil and keep aside till all are done. Put salt and chilli powder. Rub it through all the pieces. Serve hot. It should be fried just half an hour before serving, so that it remains crisp.

Finished dish should be appealing tasty dark brown crisp pieces like potato fingers.

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