March 23, 2007

VCC 358 - Kabargha

This traditional Kashmiri dish recipe is another kind contribution by Nancy Raina to the group cookbook project 'You Can Cook' for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign.

Kabargha Recipe (Fried Lamb Chops)

1 Lamb (rib portion) ------------- 500 Gms (1lbs)
2 Milk------------------------------------- 500 Ml
3 Curds----------------------------------- 1 Cup
4 Water-----------------------------------1/2 Cup
5 Ghee (clarified butter) ------- 2 Cups
6 Corn starch--------------------------1 Tblsp

1 Fennel powder-------------------1 Tblsp
2 Dry ginger powder------------------1/2 Tsp
3 Garam masala-------------------------- 1 Tblsp
4 Bay leaves---------------------------------2 Nos
5 Nutmeg-------------------------------------A Pinch
6 Black cardamom------------------------4 Nos (Crushed)
7 Pepper powder-----------------------------1 Tsp.

1 Take lamb pieces in cooker along with water, milk, salt and all the spices except Garam Masala and pepper powder. Boil it till it is cooked and tender or presurise it for 10 mts.
2 Take curds, beat it well, add Garam Masala and pepper powder.
3 Marinate mutton pieces in curd mixture for atleast 1hour.
4 Mix corn starch to it properly.
5 Take ghee in a (non stick preferably) frying pan and deep fry each piece till dark brown and red. The fire should be very low.
6 Serve hot. Fry just before serving.

End product: Chops will be dark brown and crisp. Even bones will be brittle to chew.

Over to taste-testers.