September 22, 2007

VCC 380 - Coconut Milk Pulav aka ThengaipPal Satham

As the content development is still going on, we have not kept a deadline to the group cookbook project You Can Cook for Feed a Hungry Child campaign. Recipe contributions from well-wishers are still pouring in to be included in the book. We will accept your contributions for some more time.

Here is a traditional dish recipe kindly contributed by Sujatha Ramalingam to the group cookbook project 'You Can Cook' for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign.

In Sujatha's own words, "Back home my mom prepares this coconut milk rice aka Thengaippal Satham with freshly extracted coconut milk and lots and lot of coriander leaves. No need to say, the coconut brings a wonderful taste to the food where the coriander leaves and a bit of garlic adds a nice aroma. Every time I go home for vacation, this will probably be the first dish my mom prepares for me, and then the other favorites follows."

Coconut Milk Pulav (aka) ThengaipPal Satham Recipe

Fresh or canned coconut milk - 1 1/2 cups
Mixed vegetables (cut beans, carrot and peas) - 1 cup
Basmati rice - 1 cup
Green chilies - 3-4 nos. (according to your spicy level.)
Garlic cloves - 4
Cinnamon stick - 2 (1 inch pieces)
Gloves - 4-5
Coriander leaves - 1/2 bunch
Oil - 1-2 spoons
Roasted cashews - A handful (for decoration)

Method: Pour oil in a big thick-bottomed vessel and when the oil is warm put the cinnamon sticks & gloves and then after about 10 seconds, put ground green paste and sauté it well. Add cut vegetables at the time and sauté it along with wet masala. Now add the fresh cut coriander leaves and sauté well. Mmm…it smells good already... Now add salt and pour the coconut milk. Bring it back to boil. Now add the rice and mix it well. When this mixture starts to boil again, cover the vessel with lid (so it doesn't release the steam) and reduce the flame to low-medium fire. Wait for 20 minutes for the rice to get done completely. Do not open for that 20 mins time. (you can use pressure cooker as well.) Switch off the stove and after 5 minutes, open and stir the rice gently. Garnish with a handful of fresh cut coriander leaves and enjoy your coconut milk Pulav! Also roast some cashews in ghee and decorate the rice along with coriander leaves. One special thing about this rice is, this is a kid friendly recipe - Kids will like it naturally as it’s not too spicy and it has that wonderful sweet taste and color because of the coconut milk you add to it.

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Blogger Rina said...

This is always a treat and also quick and easy.

Blogger Nags said...

have only heard of thenga sadam. never this :)

Blogger Happy cook said...

Coconut mile and rice, yum yum, this can't tast bad it has to be a delicious dish.

Blogger Sharmi said...

this looks very delicious and rich.

Blogger sagari said...

looks veru yummy

Blogger Mythreyee said...

looks very delicious.


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