September 22, 2007

VCC 382 - Sol Kadhi

"Home's calling", says Rricha. This traditional dish recipe is kindly contributed by Rricha Kale to the group cookbook project 'You Can Cook' for 'Feed a Hungry Child' campaign.

In her own words, "Sol Kadhi is specialty of Konkan. Simple but exotic. Kokam (Garcinia indica) is basically a fruit in plum family with pretty bitter juice. This juice is used by Ayurveda as an antacid. The dried shell of the fruit is used in flavoring curries in Maharashtrian cooking. It is similar to how south Indian cuisine uses tamarind for little sour taste. You can get the Kokam extract as well as the dried shell in Indian markets. Here in US though I haven't seen it in many stores. Some of the organic stores have it as kokam Juice."
The sol kadhi recipe is here.



Blogger Nags said...

the dish has such a lovely colour :)

Blogger Jeena said...

Wonderful picture it looks very tasty indeed. :)

Blogger Mansi Desai said...

beautfil kadhhi, and I love the cause even more!! nice job VKN...blogrolling you to my list:) hope you don't mind!

Blogger PRAPHULL JOSHI said...


Anonymous Hutoxi said...

Very tasty kadhhi.


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