June 8, 2008

My Dhaba's Maha Meme: taste-testing begins...

Thanks to LVI for being the first to participate at the Maha Meme by taste-testing one of You Can Cook recipe contributions - Kafuli.

In LVI's own words, "I love the flavor combination of spinach and fenugreek leaves, and use it in my sai-bhaji, if I have fresh methi(fenugreek). During dinner with kafuli, I was mentally transported to a crisp cool breezy summer night at a roadside punjabi dhaba. This version is a quick, tasty version, and will replace my palak-paneer recipe, for the most part. No chopping onions, tomatoes etc., and the taste is superb. In my humble opinion, the flavor punch comes from the mustard oil, and the fresh ginger and garlic sauteed in it. So please don't skip these. And oh, don't skip the methi too, as it gives the dish a deep and earthy note."

Folks, FAHC needs your help now more than ever. It was an open tagging and invitation at the Maha Meme event. We welcome all of you food lovers to participate in the cook book project. Appreciate your kind consideration and volunteered participation.

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Blogger Dibs said...

Hello VKN - Great to see your blog, and FAHC efforts. I have an 'award' for you at my site. Do drop by, and pick it up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And yeah Spinach is good for health mate

Blogger Srini said...

Great Blog, Nice passion...Thanks for Feedhungrychild...I will be coming back again...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello VKN...i juz saw ur blog n i was impressed that i hav subscribed for the posts...is it possi for me to contribute for the cookbook nw...?
thank u for the reciepes n ur page sums up all kind of dishes...

Anonymous Healthy Food Recipes said...

Very good blog !


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