January 27, 2006

My Dhaba's halwa week: Day #3 - Halwa Omania

It is My Dhaba's halwa week, day #3 today. We have visited the near-by Omani home-based traditional halwa factory and took some shots for you. We had posted the recipe details of Omani halwa a few weeks back. You may want to give it a look. It is here.

Look out and do not miss to taste this heavenly Halwa Omania whenever you visit Sultanate of Oman or UAE regions. Yes, it is one of the rare kind of delightful experiences one should have in a lifetime. Here are the differenct varieties of Halwa Omania.

My Dhaba halwa week:
Day #1 - Gajar ka halwa aka carrot halwa
Day #2 - Potato halwa, malai halwa, and sago halwa
Day #3 - Halwa Omania
Day #4 - Can you guess?

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Anonymous Gini said...

Kozhikode halwa?:)

Anonymous shomas said...

Hello VKN

I do agree with you i have tasted it 2 times once in kuwait and once in a friends place in dubai . Absolutly yum...now i can try the recipe . Thanks



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