February 2, 2007

Nucleus of the idea for the campaign - Feed a Hungry Child

We know that time flies. We wanted to give you a heads up on the group cookbook project – You Can Cook. We would like to thank everyone who showed up, participated, and are helping us throughout this project. The total recipe contributions received so far in the project is 165 recipes. So, what now? We want more recipe contributions in the cookbook project. The goal of the cookbook project is to gather 365 traditional/heirloom recipes, so we have decided to extend the deadline for submission of recipe contributions to February 28, 2007.

Long way to go for us together moving along with this project. Submission guidelines are here and also here. Please do pitch in and contribute your favorite recipes.

Let me also share with you today about the nucleus of the idea for Feed a Hungry Child campaign - how and why it is conceived, etc.

It was after my beloved mother's demise in April 2006 which was a terrible shock in itself but also coupled with a lot of guilt for not being with her at a time when she wanted me by her side. I really wanted to do something in her name and received many valuable suggestions from well wishers - construct a much needed waiting shed in my native village, set up a scholarship in the local school or even sponsor 2-3 less priviledged children until they are on independant but nothing really worked out.

At the time, I was fully immersed in my hobby, this My Dhaba blog, on which I have been documenting all my mom's, sister's (who died an unnatural death at the age of 29), and my recipes into a collection of traditional Indian home cooking recipes and was aiming to publish a cookbook my own by Dec 2006 - You can Cook. This was documented in post at here - the 2006 new year questions. The nucleus of the idea took shape at this point - maybe I could combine my two objectives into one. A few months of thinking resulted into this two-pronged campaign, i.e., that of documenting disappearing recipes along with practical hands-on cooking advice as well the larger goal of raising funds from the sales of the book for the Feed a Hungry Child campaign. The concept of Feed a Hungry Child campaign's group cookbook project 'You can Cook' was born. Getting a cookbook published entirely from the public domain has become the plus point of the project.

The support from blogger friends and food lovers from all around the world has been very good throughout. We now have a very well-committed project team; a project manager and subject matter experts in the areas of content development, book publishing, charity formation and fundraising, and marketing and sales aspects of the campaign. We are on a look out for some more valuable experts' help and leadership advice. It will provide clarity and guidance that will ensure objective of Feeding a Hungry Child is realised effectively and efficiently.

If you are available and want to work with us, please let us know asap. Time, skills, or funds - we appreciate every bit of help we get!

Last word - kindly pass it on to your contacts and help us in getting the word out.



Blogger Hyderabadiz said...

Dear VKN:
We have a plan to unite all Hyderabadiz: Calling out to all Hyderabadi bloggers
See details at our blog.
Hope do you will do your best to achieve this goal.

Blogger Simran said...


Just wanted to let you know that I put up a post about your FHC on my blog. I'll be sending you a recipe to add soon.


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