December 19, 2013

My Dhaba Recipe Menu

This page is MyDhaba's perpetual work in progress. It will be our pleasure to know how My Dhaba recipes fare in your home with your cookware, your stove, your oven, and your local ingredients. Feel free to tell us what you really think of these My Dhaba recipes. My Dhaba is an organic virtual restaurant.  This is an interactive blog, so please interact already! Send us your kind feedback, gratuitous advice, or recipe requests/suggestions through comments of this blog or by e-mailing it to info.vkn at All your suggestions are welcome!

The contents of this blog is copyrighted by VK Narayanan © 2005-2013. All rights reserved. Please read the Copyright and Disclaimer information.

Top 25 Recipes at My Dhaba

Basic items
Garam masala powder; How to extract the coconut milk?; How to make the paneer (Indian cheese)?; How to extract the tamarind?; How to clean squids?;

Breakfast dishes
Choccolate idlee; Chocolate idlee - microwaved version; Kappa (malabar style); Khara baath aka upma; Pesarattu aka green gram dal dosai; Ragi dosai; Poori; Rawa dosai; Rawa and vermicelli idlee; Roti (Chappathi) - Plain and simple;

Rice preparations
Shahi khichdi or khichri; Kesari rice; Hyderabadi mutton pilav; Plain white rice (recipe to be added); Puliyogare (recipe to be added); Sakkarai pongal aka sweet rice pongal; Vegetable fried rice; Ven pongal aka hot rice pongal;

Fried vegetables
Aloo poreel aka fried potatoes; Baingan recipes: Aloo baingan; Fried aloo gobi; Baghare baingan/baingan masala; Baingan bhurta; Stuffed baingan; Cauliflower manchurian (Chinese style) with VIDEO; Erissery/Ericheri; Fried cabbage; Karela poreel; Keerai poreel (Weekend Herb); Mezhukkupuratti; Soondal;

Curries and sauces
Aloo gobi curry aka potato cauliflower curried sauce; Bengal-gram dal kootu curry; Brinjal oil sauce aka ennai kathrikaa kaara kolumbu/kuzhambu; Cauliflower and potato curried sauce; Dahi baingan; Fenugreek seeds curried sauce; Ginger mushrooms; Green-gram dal curried sauce; Karela curry aka bittergourd curried sauce; Maseel aka creamed greens sauce; Mattar paneer masala; Mattar masala; Mixed vegetables sambhar; Moluvu kolumbu aka black pepper sauce; Mor kolumbu aka buttermilk curried sauce; Rajma curry; Tuwar dal and tomato sambhar;

Soups, stews, and rasams
Hodgepodge sweetcorn soup (inspired by Argentina's Humita); Red squash soup; Spicy tomato chicken soup; Rasam recipes: Paruppu rasam; Tomato rasam; Karhi (yogurt soup);

Anar aka pomegranate; Spicy water melon; Radish salad - Chinesh style; Radish salad - Indian Style (Weekend Herb); Raw vegetables salad;

Chutneys and Pachadis
Chutneys - Coconut chutney (green); Coconut chutney (red); Coriander chutney; Ginger chutney; Mint chutney; Onion chutney; Roasted onion chutney; Tomato chutneys (red and green); Tuwar dal chutney;

Pachadis - Ladies fingers pachadi; Mango pachadi;

Desserts (payasams, sweet drinks, halwas, ladoos, sweets)
Beaten rice (Aval) payasam; Coconut burfi; Dates kheer (pudding, payasam) (Weekend Herb); Green-gram dal payasam; Gajar ka halwa; Green gram dal ladoo; Halwa Omania; Panchamritham; Rice payasam; Icecream recipes Strawberry icecream; Onion kheer; Ragi (Finger millet) Ladoos; Sandesh; Sago halwa+potato halwa+malai halwa; Sago payasam;

Egg flip (energy drink #1): HOBIY (energy drink #2); Hot cocoa drink; Special masala chai (tea) ; Spicy mint tea (Weekend Herb); Lassi recipes: Salt lassi; Sweet lassi; Mango lassi; Orange lassi; Pineapple lassi;

Pickles, Jams, and Preserves
Gongura pickle (recipe to be added); Homemade tomato jam; Nimbu ka achaar aka lime pickle recipe; Nimbu ka achaar aka lime pickle - the final result;

Snacks (vadais, bondas, pokoras, bhajjies, murukkus, savouries)
Bajji recipes: Brinjal bajji; Potato bajji; Plaintain bajji; Onion bajji; Milagai bajji; Vadais: Mooli aka radish vadais;

Cakes and cookies
Rock cookies (IMBB-SHF Cookie Swap)

Vattals and appalams
Potato vattals (Blog Party) ; Sago vattals (end-result);

Chicken 65; Chicken 65 curried sauce: Chicken Tikka Masala; Chicken curry - Kerala style; Makhani chicken (Butter chicken) ; Chicken fried rice (Chinese style) with VIDEO ; Chicken Korma; Chicken korma 2; Chilli chicken; Chicken Xacuti; Chettinad chicken (only picture, recipe to be added); Chilli chicken; Ginger chicken; Tomato Chicken curry (only picture, recipe to be added); Chicken stock (3 methods); Spicy Chicken Soup; Tandoori Chicken;

Mutton chilli fry; Mutton and potato curried sauce (method 1); Mutton and potato curried sauce (method 2); Mutton and potato korma (recipe to be added); Mutton fried with potatoes and french beans; Mutton sukha (dry) fry; Savory mutton chops;

Beef sukha (dry) fry; Beef fry (2); Kheema vadai aka minced meat croquette;

Era mita aka sweet prawns; Fish cutlets; Fish curry; Fish curry 2; Fish curry 3; Fish fry; Fish moilly/molly; Fish puttu; Shark puttu; Fried chilli squids; Fried fish fingers; Grilled fish; Prawns curry; Prawns Jalfrezi aka chilli prawns; Sea crab curry; Silver pomfret fry; Stuffed mackeral fry;

Drumstick leaves fried with eggs (Weekend Herb); Egg curry; Egg flip (energy drink); Egg Omelette; Egg toast; Poached eggs; Scrampled eggs with tomatoes; Spicy egg masala; Spicy egg toast; Stuffed omelette;

You Can Cook book project contributions

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello VK Narayanan, thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.
The list of recipes is impressive and I like the cauliflower manchurian recipe, I am going to try it soon.
May I ask where are you blogging from? Are you a Chef?

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Thanks Indira for dropping by. Please let me know how manchurian came out. I am currently blogging from Muscat, Oman. Oh yes, I am the chef de cuisine of My Dhaba - my home. Kidding :-)

Indian home cooking has been my soulstirring passion since childhood handed over to me by my loving sister who is no more and of course my mom. I am trying to record my successes and failures with Indian home cooking here at my blog. It is a joy ride so far. :-)

Blogger Swamy VKN said...

Thank you so much for your nice words. Have you tried our favorite butter chicken recipe? Please let us know how it fared at your kitchen. Hope it turns out yummy this time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm Viji from India.I liked ur blog ... Great Going..
Do Put your recipes with video so that it will be easy for the new up coming chef of their own home.
Coming week end going to try out ur cauliflower manchurian

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I simply love your blog. Grt photos and easy to follow recipes. I like the fact that u mention what goes with what, coz when I try out new recipes I find it a bit tricky to set the menu.

Today I tried out Maseel according to your recipe. I used amarath for this and reduced the amt of onion, garlic and tomatoes. The end product was good. Hey, but I can't find the link to 'maseel' in ur blog. I got it from 'forum hub' where u posted the link in 'healthy recipes for kids' thread.
Next I'll try out dates payasa. Actually I've been looking for recipes using dates, if you have any more pls post them.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi vkn

i loved reading your recipes. i wonder if you can share with me the recipe of the red masala used in north indian dishes like paneer butter masala. i love it , but i have been unable to get the taste of the gravy ike they make in the hotels.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great recipes. Are you from Nellai? Most of your recipes especially Sambar have Tirunelveli touch

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi vkn,
I don't have much experience with cooking.I am looking for a good recipe with chicken bcoz i have to take it to a party.

I saw ur blog address in eenadu.
Your blog is just wonderful.
I tried for chicken65 for the first time and it came out so good.
It was appreciated by everyone who ate it.Now i became a good chef.

Blogger SNP said...


Kudos on your efforts. Your blog is awesome and by far the most exhaustive one on Indian cooking.I visit your page regularly and get the enthu to cook seeing your blog and the various other Indian blogs mentioned on your site.


Blogger FH said...

Again, I found another wonderful list from you. Where was I , under the rock all this time!! :D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi vkn, recently came across ur blog and tried some of ur recipes......they turned wonderful....could u plz add some pasta recipes to ur blog????

Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi vkn,
ur site s awesome.i m new to cooking and newly married.tried some of ur dishes n turned out very well but d chicken tikka masala was not d one like in hotels the sauce was too thin tell me some tips to improve .waiting for reply

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Vkn,

These are some classic recipies ... though i didnt see any pork dishes.. if you could provide one , it ll be great

Blogger workhard said...

Nice list you have got in here..

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Blogger dgdsfg said...

I love cooking too u r blog holds good recipe .since I am a blogger I know how much effort you would have taken to build this great blog.I will recommend this to my friends too.if you have time do visit my blog .

Anonymous Maaya said...

your site is so nice. i always like seeing how other people cook the food i love and gather ideas and variations

keep on the good work

Anonymous naveen said...

nice blog

Blogger sangeeta said...

Had written a comment on your drumstick leaves post , i don't see that comment published . i am linking your post to my blog n hope you don't mind it.

Anonymous Indian Recipe Book said...

It was really a very nice blog. The menu of your dhaba is perfect but as I think you can also include some desert dishes in your menu.. May be customers appreciate it more..
But choice is yours..
I like your breakfast dishes most. All this includes my favourite ones.....

Anonymous fabulous Indian dishes said...

I have to tell you your food blog is awesome!!!

Anonymous Richa P Madhwani said...

amazing..really i like this webpage

Anonymous whiskey fruit cake said...

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